A sister’s love

Ally ByrneAli’s big sister Elisa has written a letter where she talks about Ali, her little sister and her illness.

Hi my name is Elisa and this is my little sister Ali. Ali wasn’t always sick. I remember when she could walk and talk. She used to hang out of the drawers in the kitchen shouting. She used to make a mess and cover herself in spaghetti and stick her head in the bowl. She was funny. We have lots of pictures and video memories of Ali. Since Ali got sick and started having lots of scary seizures she can’t do stuff like that anymore. It makes me sad. Sometimes I cry because it’s not fair. I wish she could be like us again and walk and talk. She’s the best little sister and I give her lots of snuggles and kisses since she can’t play. I miss her when she’s in the hospital and I know she misses me too. I wish I could make her better.