FAQ’s for our Christmas Rafflers 2021

As the Christmas raffle is one of our biggest fundraising campaigns, we use a company called ‘Hollywood Rapport’ who are making calls on our behalf. The phone number from which calls are made is 015294295

If you have a question about the Christmas Raffle please do not hesitate to email or call raffle@childrenshealth.ie 1850 211 866. Our team would be only too happy to help. In the meantime you may find an answer to your question below:

What will the money raised from this raffle be used for?

This year thanks to the unwavering support of our donors we hope to purchase essential pieces of life-saving equipment like high-tech lasers for complex eye operations, ventilators for critically-ill children and cutting-edge scanning equipment for theatre.


· On average one child is admitted to Temple Street Hospital’s Intensive Care every day. Over 1,000 children and babies are admitted to the critical care wards at Temple Street Hospital each year.

· 61 % of children in ICU at Temple Street require ventilation for up to 5 days. 60% of children in Temple Street Hospital’s ICU require ventilation to keep them breathing. 78 new-born babies were admitted to the intensive care unit at Temple Street Hospital in 2017.

Many fragile new-born babies must be ventilated to ensure they are strong enough for a vital operation at Temple Street Hospital. Babies as young as 1 day old are treated in our High Dependency Unit on ventilation.

Their support allows us to provide our little patients with the most up to date equipment on the market – equipment that ultimately saves lives.

Where did you get my information?

We buy in our data from different agencies who all have their own unique way of collecting information. They mainly get their data through information that people put on surveys, questionnaires, store cards, street surveys, competitions etc.

How do I get my name removed and ensure it is not used again? If your fixed-line (landline) number is a public number (printed in the telephone book or with directory enquiries) and you are receiving marketing calls you can contact your fixed line provider and ask them to place your number in the National Directory Database opt out register.

If your fixed-line (landline) telephone number is ex-directory (not listed in the printed telephone book or with directory enquiries) then your fixed-line (landline) telephone

provider should place your telephone number in the National Directory Database opt–out register automatically. For more information visit https://www.comreg.ie/consumer-information/home-phone/unsolicited-contacts-national-directory-database/

If you have been contacted on a mobile number, please contact us directly on 01 878 4344 or email raffle@childrenshealth.ie where your request will be promptly dealt with

If I’m not from Dublin, why should I help raise funds for a Dublin hospital?

Temple St Children’s University Hospital is responsible for carrying out all Neurosurgery on neo-natal babies and children up to the age of 6 in Ireland and is the National paediatric renal, dialysis & transplant hospital, children from all over the country come to Temple Street for many different illnesses so it’s not just children in Dublin. 45% of inpatients are from outside Dublin.

What did the money raised from the raffle last year fund?

The funds from last year’s raffle went towards purchasing a new ultrasounds scanner for our radiology department as well as 38 brand new paediatric cots for the little patients of Temple Street.