VHI Women's Mini Marathon 2020

Join Team Temple Street and walk, jog or run for our little patients! #TeamTempleStreet

1st - 10th Oct, 2020 , Dublin City Centre

Training Tips

Mary Jennings’ Mini Marathon Training Tips

training - mary Mary Jennings is a running coach with forgetthegym.ie. We’re thrilled that Mary is sharing her top tips to help train our #TeamTempleStreet members and get you race-ready for Sunday, 3rd June!

The more you prepare for your race day, the more you will enjoy it. Here are my top tips to help you train for your best possible Mini Marathon day.

Set a realistic goal

Decide what is possible for you based on your current fitness level. Work out how many weeks until the race day and decide if you will walk, run, or run/walk the race. Write down your goal and commit to it by telling someone else. If you are not sure, ask a friend who is a runner what is realistic for you.

Get a training plan

Aim to run/walk at least 3 times per week between now and race day. Create a training plan for yourself and write down what you will do in each training session. Print out your plan and pop it on your fridge as a reminder. Keep on track by each week ticking off your completed runs on your plan. There are lots of training plans online to inspire you.

Learn to pace yourself

If you are new to exercise, or a lapsed runner, take your time gradually getting back into the training. Be patient and keep your pace slow. Run/walk at a pace you can breathe/talk at. Over time you will get stronger. Build your distance first and then you can focus on pace when you are comfortable.

Avoid Injury

Be sure to warm-up with a 5 minute slow walk at the start of every training session. After your training session, finish with a slow walk and a series of stretches. This will protect your body from injury by stretching the muscles which have tightened when exercising. You can download my free stretching guide from the website.

Don’t compare with others

There will always be people who are faster, stronger, more athletic looking than you. Don’t compare yourself to them. Your training sessiontarget is to reach your goal – not their goal. You have no idea how long they have been running/walking. Don’t compare yourself to them. Relax and follow your training plan.

Quit the excuses

There will always be laundry. There will always be things to do which you can prioritise over your training. It is up to you to make the decision to get out the door. No one else can make you do it. Take responsibility for your health and wellbeing by making the time for you.

Get support

Training with a friend or a group will really help you stick to your training programme. Find someone who is similar level to you. You are much less likely to make an excuse if you have arranged to meet someone else. Also, the time will pass a lot quicker if you are chatting to someone along the route.

Know your race

Become familiar with the route of the Mini Marathon. Work out where there are hills and if possible do some of your training sessions along the route. If you don’t have this option, print out a map of the route and check in with it regularly to keep you focussed.

Wishing you all the very best of luck with your training