VHI Women's Mini Marathon 2020

Join Team Temple Street and walk, jog or run for our little patients! #TeamTempleStreet

1st - 10th Oct, 2020 , Dublin City Centre

MyTempleStreetHero: Meet Ella

Maureen Holland is back once again this June 3rd for the Women’s Mini Marathon with her fabulous crew as part of #TeamTempleStreet. She is mum of twenty month old twins Ella and Adam and older brother Mark, from Dundalk in Co Louth. Ella was only a few hours old when she was rushed to Temple Street. Maureen shares her story…

“My first visit to Temple Street was very emotional, holding Ella for the first time ever, two days after she was born.”

Maureen, Ella's mum

Our beautiful twins were born on the 5 September 2016. Ella was diagnosed early in pregnancy as having an exomphalous major (bowel and liver born outside her body). At 26 weeks of pregnancy it was outlined to us that Ella’s survival at birth was uncertain as her Exomphalous was so major. On the day of Ella’s birth we were prepared for the worst.

Our amazing daughter was born weighing 6lb 11oz and Adam 7lb 2 oz. When we heard Ella cry at birth we knew she had survived. Ella was stabilised by a marvellous team in the Rotunda and transferred to Temple Street a few hours later. Ella spent three days in ICU in which she had one-to-one care with fantastic nurses plus a team of wonderful doctors and consultants. I did not get to meet my beautiful daughter until two days later. My first visit to Temple Street was very emotional, holding Ella for the first time, all I wanted was to take her home with her twin brother Adam.

Ella was then transferred to Michaels B ward were she spent a further eight weeks. Ella was cared for by fantastic doctors and nurses throughout her stay. She needed a lot of care and attention – her dressings of her Exomphalous alone took four nurses to complete due to her serious condition but she got wonderful care and attention at all stages.

With having Ella’s older brother Mark and new twin brother Adam at home in Dundalk, with the great help of family and friends I visited her every day. It was heartbreaking leaving her every evening. I would call Temple Street at night to see how she was and was always reassured that Ella was tucked up and asleep.

After six weeks, the staff allowed her twin brother Adam and older brother Mark to visit. Our family was finally together for the first time and the stand out moment of Ella’s stay in Temple Street.

After eight weeks we could finally take Ella home. She still attends regularly with her surgeons in Temple Street around every six weeks to see when she can have her big operation. Her abdominal frame is too small to fit her organs back in so it could be a couple of years before she can have the procedure until then every great care is given and myself and my husband do her dressings every day .

We can’t thank temple st enough for all there amazing work and for their continuous work and support of Ella. From the surgeons, doctors, nurses, dieticians, social workers, physiotherapists and cleaners who always made time for a chat we are so grateful and will always be in our hearts, thank you.

So on the 3rd June my sisters, sisters in law and nieces will take part in the Women’s Mini Marathon for the second time to show our support for Temple Street.