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The Dublin Story School helps people with something important to say, find and deliver personal stories that matter. They offer storytelling workshops, coaching and create bespoke live storytelling events that bring people together online while we’re physically apart.  

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Children’s Health Foundation in association with The Dublin Story School presents…

“It Takes a Village…”

Join comedian, author and broadcaster Colm O’Regan for an unmissable evening of powerful, uplifting and inspiring tales that celebrate what happens when people from all different backgrounds and experiences come together to care for each other. We’ll share touching personal stories from parents, fundraisers and medical professionals about the real sense of community and caring that can be found at hospital bedsides, wards and late night corridors. These stories will also reveal how vital your ongoing support is to improve the lives of sick children in CHI at Crumlin and CHI at Temple Street.  

Our Storytellers

Noreen Doyle 

When Noreen’s daughter, Kate was admitted to CHI at Crumlin with leukaemia in 2017, Noreen had been here before. Incredibly, her son James had also been diagnosed with the same condition 10 years earlier. While Noreen would be confronted by the same challenges as before, things had changed a lot in the hospital since then. Noreen’s story is about how fundraising can transform spaces and change lives while celebrating the one thing that hasn’t changed: the excellent patient care in CHI at Crumlin.  

 Joe Hammel 

Joe knew he wanted to help the hospital that had saved his son’s life but he didn’t know how. Joe has always been the quiet type, avoiding the spotlight, keeping to the shadows but after his son was successfully treated for cancer, he just knew he’d have to reach out to the world and really ask for help. Joe’s story is about embarking on a fundraiser to raise funds for Crumlin and how completing a run lasting 3,650km over a year was the easy part. The story explores how going public, sharing his story and asking for help was the toughest challenge of all.  

 Alison Sweeney 

Working in CHI at Temple Street, Alison has witnessed first-hand how music can change lives. As a music therapist in Temple Street Hospital, Alison uses music to create a sense of fun, playfulness and relaxation with young patients while also achieving cognitive, social and emotional goals as part of their recovery.  Alison’s story is about how fundraising has helped transform her work, allowing her to develop innovative new approaches while also helping entire families to heal through the power of music.  


We’re also asking for attendees to share their own mini tales of being part of the village that is the Crumlin and Temple Street Hospitals.

A selection of these will be read out live by our host during the show and shared afterwards on our social media. If you’d like to share your own story, please answer the following in 100 words or less:

 Tell us about a time you felt part of a community at Crumlin or Temple Street Hospital. You can email your response in 100 words or less, to cbarnett@childrenshealth.ie   

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