Route 66 Motorcycle Challenge

It is iconic, it is historic, it is wild, it is Route 66.

Thursday, Sep 22nd, 2022 , Route 66 USA

About Route 66

Your Journey to the wild west starts here!

Route 66
The infamous Route 66! Check out the states you will visit!

Route 66 was the path of migrants, dreamers and desperados in the 1950’s and many of the route’s classic restaurants, gas stations and nostalgic landmarks are preserved just as they were. The people, the land and the scenery, all lend to the mixture that makes this wonderful road so beautifully addictive. And what better way to see it than on a motorcycle?

Since its birth, this amazing motorcycle challenge has accumulated 750,000 miracle miles for one of Ireland’s finest hospitals.

This is a bi-annual trip and it has been running since 2002. The total trip takes 14 days and will see our bikers and pillions travel through 9 states and 4 different time zones. You will travel from Illinois through Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and finally California.

Special Event's Manager Angela McNulty
Special Event’s Manager Angela McNulty has managed this trip for 12 years and knows the road like no other!

To be part of this magic, you need to have a full motorcycle driver’s licence and a passion for fundraising! Our bikers are asked to raise €10,00 to take part in this challenge of a lifetime which seems an awful lot – but look at it this way – that’s 100 people donating €100! Not so bad?

As they ride this wonderful road, always on a 66er’s mind are the brave little patients in Temple Street that urgently need the best possible care that can be given to them. To date this fundraising challenge has raised over €5 million for sick children and the impact of this trip is visible throughout the hospital. Our big hearted bikers have helped to redevelop critical wards and purchase vital life-saving equipment.

This truly is one of the most exhilarating motorcycle challenges in the world! Our next trip departs for the states in September 2022.