Together With Our Heroes Appeal

Right now across CHI, our doctors, nurses and staff are working in an unprecedented situation. As the COVID-19 crisis deepens across Ireland and around the globe, the teams in our hospitals - CHI at Crumlin, Temple Street, and Connolly - are working harder than ever to provide the same world-class care to sick children who need it most.

This crisis is beyond anything we have faced before.

That is why we are coming together - while we stay apart - to ask for support at this challenging time. People like you have helped build wards, kitted them out with world-class equipment, kept the tiniest hearts beating and some of the sickest children smiling on their journey to recovery. Together with the teams in the hospitals, what you have accomplished is amazing.

We know that there is great uncertainty for everyone at the moment. But, if you can spare it, we really need your help.

Will you stand together with our Heroes? Will you stand with our front-line staff to see them through this tough time? Will you stand together with sick children and their families to see them through challenging times made even more difficult and uncertain by this crisis?

How can you help?

Our hospitals have been overwhelmed with the support they have received from the public during this crisis and every day they tell us the difference it is making to them. However as they face into the next few weeks they need the space and time to focus on what is needed to fight this battle.

And this is where we come in.

This crisis is beyond Crumlin, Temple Street or Connolly. As this global emergency develops, we are working with the hospitals on a daily basis to provide them with what they need to support them through this.

As the hospitals prepare for the coming weeks they need to ensure that the have the space for their staff and to provide care to their patients. In order to do that they cannot take donations of items in the hospitals.

We in Temple Street Foundation and CMRF Crumlin, as part of the Children's Health Foundation family, are working together with the hospitals to co-ordinate all support and to ensure that we enable the frontline staff to continue to be able to focus on the enormous task at hand. Below are a list of the supports they need presently.

Please donate today to support:

Where the most urgent need is

The needs of the hospitals are rapidly changing as they adapt to the evolving COVID-19 situation. Your donation will be put to work where it is most urgently needed.

Supporting front-line staff

Your donation could support our incredible front-line medical teams and staff to make sure that they are equipped to do their jobs during this crisis - from essential supplies to meals for hard-working doctors, nurses and staff

Patient and family support

Your donation could help make the days brighter for the little patients on our wards. From helping to celebrate birthdays, making sure they can enjoy playtime each day, to providing practical items for their daily routine, you could ease the pressure and help bring a little joy in these tough times.

Isolation Packs

As the hospitals prepare for the next few weeks they will need packs for children and families in isolation. Your support could help provide a whole range of items to support little patients and parents.

Any donation amount you can manage will mean so much to all our staff, families and little fighters across Children's Health Ireland. Together with you, we can help our heroes push through the pandemic, and keep providing world-class care to Ireland's sickest children. Please donate today.