Friday, May 21st,
2021, Nationwide


The Great Irish Bake

Get involved with Great Irish Bake to raise much needed dough for Temple Street and Crumlin. Proudly supported by Gem.

Friday, May 21st, 2021 , Nationwide

April 8, 2021
Adam’s Story

Adam’s Story

This year’s Great Irish Bake will raise vital funds to support sick children in CHI at ...

April 8, 2021
Saoírse’s Story

Saoírse’s Story

  This year's Great Irish Bake will raise vital funds to support sick children in CHI at ...

April 23, 2020
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Noah enjoying his delicious cakes!

The Great Irish Bake is one of Ireland’s biggest baking events and one of the most important dates in our events calendar. Every year we ask people all around the country to sign up and host a ‘Great Irish Bake’ in their home, work place, school, college or crèche. It’s a really simple and fun event that makes a huge impact on the sick children in our care.

“Every single person we met touched our lives with such positivity and passion for where they were working and what they were doing. The level of patient care and patient focus is second to none.

Tracy Kilgannon, Noah's Mum

Great Irish Bake ICAN 4
Cakes Galore!

The Great Irish Bake started in 2009, with more and more people participating each year hosting bake sales and raising money for our little patients in Temple Street! It’s an incredible achievement proving that it’s the simple things that make all the difference!


Get Involved

There is nothing sweeter than a smile on the face of a sick child. That’s why this May, all across the country, thousands of people are putting on their aprons, taking out their rolling pins and dusting off their recipe books – to help raise urgently needed funds for sick children in Temple Street and Crumlin. Will you join us?

To get involved, simply fill in your details below and we will send you out a party pack. Our fantastic fundraising pack includes:

  • Balloons
  • Stickers
  • Poster
  • Collection box
  • Recipe Book

… everything that you need to make sure your event is a huge success!!



Downloads & Recipes

Give your bake sale a splash of colour with these fantastic Great Irish Bake downloads. From bunting and posters to invites and cake toppers – your event is going to be a smash-hit!

Downloads coming soon.

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How does it work?

The Great Irish Bake for Temple Street and Crumlin, proudly supported by Gem, couldn’t be simpler; it is exactly what it says on the tin – a baking fundraiser! So why not sign up today to take part this May.

“Myself and my colleagues took part in the Great Irish Bake off last year. It’s a fantastic concept that created a real buzz in the office and brought out all the ‘star bakers’!”

Caroline Dalton, Bank of Ireland

All we ask is that you sign up, have fun baking, and raise vital funds for our hospital. Please follow our ‘how to’ steps below:


  • Register here – we’ll send you a toolkit with balloons, posters and tasty tips
  • Shout about it – let your friends & family and colleagues know about your ‘Great Irish Bake’
  • Decorate – visit our downloads page and print our fab bunting, posters, stickers etc.
  • Take a whisk – ask everyone you know to get baking for your big event
  • Submit your hard earned dough – you can pay online or by lodging it into the bank.

We really hope you enjoy being involved in The Great Irish Bake 2021. You will be making an important and vital difference to our hospital and our patients.


Are you interested in hosting a Great Irish Bake but worried about what to do? We have a list of inspirational ideas here for you to try out whether you are at home, work or school.

Great Irish Bake ICANGreat Irish Bake with family

  • Teddy Bears Picnic
  • Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
  • Why not ask your local bakery or shop to donate some plain cakes or biscuits and get the kids to decorate them at crèche?
  • Set up a stall outside your home at the end of the day to sell any remaining treats.

Great Irish Bake in Schools

  • Have a Home economics class hold a bake sale using their skills learned in class
  • Travel the world – bake specialty sweets from far away places and experience something exotic
  • Cupcake decorating competition – sell your creations to students & teachers afterwards

Great Irish Bake at Work

  • Brunch – breakfast is certainly the best meal of the day so why not give your colleagues the kick start they need with breads, scones and muffins when they arrive in the morning
  • Morning tea – meet and greet with colleagues and share some sweets over a coffee break
  • High tea with the girls

Great Irish Bake with Friends

  • Cupcakes and champagne for a girls’ special day
  • Treat your mum – get together with friends and their mums for an afternoon tea, scones and other tasty treats
  • Have a pot luck gathering were everyone brings their own treats, then have a guessing game one who baked what

Great Irish Bake in Bakeries

  • Bakeries, cake shops and cafes can get involved by donating a portion of their proceeds for a day to Temple Street or have a collection tin in their shop seeking donations from customers.
  • Hold a baking demonstration in your store to show off your cooking skills

Choose an item in your shop which you are happy to give a percentage of proceeds to Temple Street and Crumlin for all sales on a day of your choosing. We would also love to see pictures of your day baking so please forward any photos to