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Thumbs up for Temple Street!

Thank you for lacing up for Team Temple Street. Below we have some hints and tips on how to get yourself over the finishing line when it comes to your fundraising efforts.

Set a fundraising goal for yourself!

We don’t ask for a minimum amount from you but you will find it easier to fundraise if you have a target that you are aiming for. We recommend €300 as a target but everyone is different, set your target according to what you know you can do.

Ask your friends and family to support!

It can be as easy as asking 10 people for €5, before you know it you have €50. Ask 20 people and you have €100. Asking can be the hardest part but know that you are not asking for yourself, your asking for the patients.

Are you working in a large workplace?

Why not send around an email to let everyone know what you are doing. Or put a poster up in your canteen letting people know that you are collecting for this cause

Let your boss know!

A lot of companies will match the amount that an employee raises. This can sometimes help to double your final total! Check in with your manager today to see if you can avail of this.

Set up a fundraising page online!

Register with idonate.ie or mycharity.com. They are a great help when contacting family and friends abroad. Results show that people can fundraise up to 25% more when they register with these websites.

Are you on Facebook or Twitter?

Make the most of these social media tools to spread the word. Don’t forget to thank everyone who donates to you on their Facebook page, it might inspire others to follow suit!

Make sure you know your stuff!

People can be very careful with which charity they support. Please make sure that you read our ‘Why Run for Temple Street’ page. Being able to answer questions about where money will go will put them at ease straight away.