How We Will Support You

Dedicated Support Team

A dedicated Temple Street Support Team will be put in place to develop a detailed partnership strategy and plan. This team will provide guidance, support, motivation, regular reviews and hospital visits.

We understand that staff and customer motivation and enthusiasm is vital for a partnership to succeed. We will work together to win the hearts and minds of employees and customers, building a strong partnership that is beneficial to us both, raising funds for our hospital and giving great benefits to you.

National Reach

As a national children’s hospital, treating children from all counties of Ireland, a partnership with Temple Street will help you achieve national reach. We can focus on specific themes or geographical areas that have particular relevance to your company and your business objectives.

Good News Stories and Positive PR

Good news stories and positive PR is what will make this partnership a major success. Working with you, we will develop an integrated PR and media strategy designed to ensure your employees and customers are aware of your support of Temple Street.


Your support will directly impact the 145,000 patients and families that we treat each year, leaving a lasting legacy to thousands of children and families from all over Ireland. All equipment purchased over the coming years will be transferred to the new national Children’s Hospital when it opens. The legacy will go on….

We want you to partner with Temple Street and make a real difference in the lives of our little patients and their families from all over Ireland proving you don’t need to be a doctor to save a life.