Tesco 2019

Temple Street’s charity partnership with Tesco is changing lives

Tesco partnership with Temple Street

Temple Street is delighted to be Tesco Ireland’s Charity Partner and the Tesco partnership has gone from strength to strength so far raising €5 million for vital lifesaving equipment. We are thrilled that they have announced that they are extending this partnership to 2020 and will continue to raise money for our brave little heroes.

Tesco Partnership with Temple Street

All the funds raised by colleagues and their customers are being used to purchase equipment like patient monitors, respiratory equipment, patient trolleys and morphine pumps to name but a few. This equipment very simply means the difference between life and death for our patients. To help support Tesco and Temple Street in 2018, keep an eye out for fundraising activities in your local Tesco store or simply make a donation in one of our branded buckets in store - Every Little Helps.

Making a big difference

The positive impact of Tesco's wonderful fundraising to date can be seen all over our hospital and is making a difference to our little patients every single day.

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