Loving Arms Appeal- Incubators

This is the magical Christmas Gift you can give that will last a lifetime. Loving Arms Care provide specialised incubators for critically ill babies at Temple Street. Many of these tiny infants and premature babies in Temple Street cannot survive outside of the womb without the support of specialised equipment like the ventilators, heart monitors and ‘magic’ incubators that help to keep them safe and warm – and alive.

The most powerful medicine – the sound of a mother’s voice

Each incubator also has a special audio feature which enables us to play a mother’s voice or the sound of her heart beat. This tender holistic approach wraps sick children in the most intimate and loving environment. Knowing that their child can hear their voice is also a tremendous comfort to parents who cannot be with or touch their child. Please make a special life-saving gift to the Loving Arms Christmas Appeal today.

Protect and Comfort

Tiny infants in ICU are often so delicate that the slightest sound or touch can be traumatic. So, each of our specialised incubators protects them from unnecessary light and sound. They even have integrated weighing scales so tiny infants do not need to be constantly handled or touched.

“Keeping Children Safe and Warm.”

Incubators allow us to maintain an infant’s temperature because their temperature is so important. If a child’s temperature is not right, they will use all their energy to keep warm. Normally our rooms are around 19-20C degrees. But some of these children need constant temperatures of 30C degrees to keep them warm.”

Eileen O’Toole – ICU Clinical Nurse Manager

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“I thought we were going to lose Lorcan as well. But I didn’t realise – they don’t give up, Temple Street never give up.”

Marie – mum of twins Cathal and Lorcan.