Billy’s CHI at Crumlin Story

Babies are born with tiny feet, hands and hearts but don’t let their small bodies fool you, they are made of strong stuff. They have the amazing ability to do great battles and overcome the odds. That’s what Billy Hannon – the Little Miracle Man fondly referred to by his family – did when he was diagnosed with a serious heart condition.

“Our little boy Billy was hours old on the 26th of February 2019 when he made his trip to Crumlin. He had been diagnosed with Coarctation of the Aorta (narrowing of the Aorta stopping blood flow throughout the body) before he was born and everything was in place for his transfer and surgery in Crumlin. Thankfully our little Miracle Man had other plans, and his coarctation wasn’t as bad as initially feared and he avoided any surgical intervention. We got a tour of the heart centre prior to Billy’s birth so that helped so much as I was happy where he was going when he would be taken from me. Thankfully my mum and aunt were with me in the Coombe.

On day three I was discharged, and it was that day that Dr. Mark Walsh had done the morning rounds and told my husband Declan that Billy may avoid surgery and that the next few days of observation would be crucial. I couldn’t have arrived to more amazing news, it was really unbelievable and we couldn’t believe it. After five days of close monitoring, we left the heart centre to go home to Sligo before he was a week old. He has annual check-ups and is doing amazingly well. We cannot thank Dr. Orla Franklin enough for looking after us while I was pregnant, and Dr. Mark Walsh when he was born. They gave us unbelievable care and the heart centre staff were amazing for everything they did and every kind word they spoke to us.  Everything was perfect in the hospital. We couldn’t have met nicer staff. It’s such a blur and I wish I could remember staff names

Our story is positive. We are so unbelievably grateful it is so positive and I hope it gives hope to other families beginning their journey.”  – Sharon, Billy’s Mammy

Check out the beautiful video below to see more about the fantastic ‘Little Heroes’ tractor run fundraiser that Billy’s amazing parents – Sharon and Declan – held in Cloonacool, Co. Sligo in 2019 to raise vital funds for sick children in CHI at Crumlin!