Meet Ella Hewitt

Meet the amazing Ella, who is featured in Trick or Treat for Temple Street this year!

When Ella was just 4 months old, she was diagnosed with Bilateral Wilms Tumour. For the first few years of her treatment, she attended CHI Crumlin.

Ella went through 15 months of 5 different chemotherapy. She had a Left nephrectomy at 6 months old and a year of scans every 8 weeks, until they could see change in the tumours on her right kidney. The decisio was made to remove the right kidney and have both haemo and peritoneal dialysis lines places. The Peritoneal dialysis was working, and Ella continued her treatment in Crumlin until she started her work up towards a transplant.

In October 2018, Ella was 2 years post chemotherapy and could finally begin her journey towards transplant in Temple Street. In May 2019, Ella and her family found out that her Mum was a match for Ella and on 1st July 2019 (exactly 4 years to the date of diagnosis) Ella received her kidney.


Ella’s Mum says,

 “We have had a few ups and downs since, but over the last few months all seems to have settled and she is doing great.”

Ella first entered the doors of Temple Street in January 2019, when she began her journey towards a kidney transplant.

“We were a bit nervous as we had always attended Crumlin and this was going to be a new hospital. We went up the lift to the Gill floor and walked out into an amazing unit. New and clean and bright. It wasn’t at all daunting.”

Ella’s parents recall the most challenging part for the family was when Ella went for her transplant, and her Mum was in a separate hospital to donate her kidney. Ella was used to always having her Mum by her side at the hospital, through treatments and surgeries, but this time her Mum was away for 12 days.

“Ella’s dad stepped in and did a fantastic job. We face timed every day and I never forget getting the news that the kidney was working.”

“Our experience at Temple Street has been excellent. The doctors and nurses are always there for us and will answer any question and deal with any issue we have. We feel that we can talk to the team on the same level.”

“One service we found particularly good in temple street was the play specialists. After transplant Ella had to get bloods done 3 times a week and then she was admitted a few times with small issues. She needed to have a number of procedures done and developed a phobia of needles. Olive the play specialist worked with Ella and helped her deal with this issue. Ella no longer has an extreme phobia of needles and will have her blood taken without even a squeak. She still doesn’t like it that much though!”


Ella currently attends Temple Steet transplant clinic on a 4 weekly basis for the moment. Her parents are hoping this will extend the longer out of transplant she is.

“Before the transplant, Ella was a little nervous before her appointments to get her blood taken, but now she strolls into the clinic. She also loves the new toys up on the Gill floor!”